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Accounting Services
Accounting Serv.



Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

Financial Statements

Reviews & Compilations

Whether you use Peachtree, QuickBooks Online/Desktop, write paper checks or use spreadsheets, we will prepare monthly financial statements to help you manage and monitor your company's financial health.


Keeping your books up to date is critical for prudent planning and timely tax preparation. We are Certified and Pro-advisors - we can set up your books, train you how to use your system effectively, and be there for you every step of the way. 


Knowing your numbers is important, and knowing the right numbers is crucial to maintaining your financial health and achieving your financial goals.

Confidently understanding your business's cash flow can reduce your costs and increase profitability.


Salvatore  Consiglio, CPA offers indispensable, expert cash flow and budgeting analysis that can help you better manage your business. Let us help you find your optimal cash flow and re-balance your budget to keep your business running at peak financial performance.

Using GAAP or Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting (such as Cash Basis or Tax Basis), we will prepare second-to-none, professional financial statements.


Our firm can prepare a custom analysis that can not only realize a business's full profit potential, but can also help owners and managers eliminate inefficiencies.

Our firm can help your company compile and review your financial statements and reports.


With our professional review, you can be confident and assured that your financials are in good standing and documented correctly.

Cash flow
Financial statements
Tax Services
Tax Services

Individual Taxes

Corporate Taxes

With over 25 years of CPA experience dedicated to Ohio-based small businesses and housing authorities, we offer a full suite of tax and accounting services tailored to your needs.


We work closely with our clients to understand their financial objectives,  provide clear cut solutions and map out a path to success.


Planning is a crucial process to achieve the most advantageous tax position possible.  We communicate with our clients regularly and provide sound, timely advice.


We are your full-service tax and accounting firm!

We focus on being timely, painless and thorough when preparing your taxes. We ensure that you receive your maximum allowed deductions and that you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Our firm works especially hard so you can be confident that your tax liability will be as low as possible.


As an additional benefit to trusting us to be your CPA, we can speed your refund by filing your return(s) electronically and maintaining digital copies of all of your documentation and finalized returns.

Estate, Gift, and Trust Tax Return Preparation

With you in mind, our firm prepares expert federal/state estate, gift, and trust tax returns. We understand that estate tax levies can be emotionally distressful to your heirs, so we do what we can to protect them from these estate tax levies. 


Our firm is also available to advise you on estate planning needs, such as business succession plans and gifting strategies.

Payroll Services

Incorporation & New Business Analysis

With outstanding experience in business consultation, we can be there with you to set up a new corporation, partnership, or LLC. Our firm can also advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of entities you can choose.

Specifically designed for your business, our firm offers a deeply personalizable, professional payroll service. You will the find the utmost commitment and dedication from us when attending to your payroll needs.

Business Consulting & Advising
Bus. Cons. & Adv.
Ind. Taxes
Cor. Taxes
Audit Services
Audit Services

Our firm has over 30 years of experience in auditing Not-for-Profit Organizations and Public Housing Authorities throughout the state of Ohio. Our staff members are required to obtain 40 hours per year of continuing education training of governmental issues and changes. We strive to be efficient and as least disruptive as possible to our clients during the audit.


Our firm policy is to communicate with management throughout the process. A list of information needed along with a timetable will be provided to management ahead of time. This list will be provided so that management can properly prepare for the audit and have sufficient time to gather certain information needed to expedite the fieldwork. In addition, the firm will hold an entrance conference at the beginning of the fieldwork. Progress meetings will be held with the proper management staff to discuss the progress of the audit. At the conclusion of the fieldwork, a pre-exit conference will be held to discuss the summary of the result of the audit. This will provide an additional opportunity for management to provide information or clarification to any items noted during the performance of the audit procedures. A draft of the audit report will be provided to management in sufficient time so that the report can be properly reviewed. An exit conference will be scheduled to meet with management and those in charge of governance to go over the audit report and discuss the result of the audit.


Every CPA firm that issues audited financial statements is required to undergo a review of its practice by another qualified CPA firm every three years. Salvatore Consiglio, CPA, Inc. last review was March 31, 2015. The peer review was conducted in accordance with the Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews established by the Peer Review Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We are proud to report that the firm has received a rating of a pass. This is the highest rating that any firm can receive and it is issued to firms that established a system of quality control for the accounting and auditing process.

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